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Where beauty melts into care.

Spa + Waxing Center

Skin Transformations

Before and After Acne Treatment, Eugene, OR, Acne Specialist, Melted Aesthetics, Spa and Waxing Center
Chloe, rapid waxer, performing a full leg wax at Melted Aesthetics, Eugene. OR, Full Service Spa and Waxing Center

Full Body Rapid Waxing

This is a revolutionary hair removal technique that ensures quick and efficient results. Our expert esthetician at Melted Aesthetics uses a specially formulated wax that adheres to hair more effectively, making the process smoother and less painful. The benefits are immense - not only will you achieve silky-smooth skin in no time, but regular Rapid Waxing sessions also lead to finer regrowth and extended periods between treatments. Say goodbye to tedious hair removal routines and hello to a faster, more efficient way of getting the smoothness you desire!

Facial Services

If you struggle with acne, pigment concerns, skin laxity, scarring, or any other skin issues, you've come to the right place. Our highly skilled advanced esthetician offers a range of specialized facial treatments designed to target and address your specific concerns. Discover the power of our facial services today and unlock the true potential of your beauty.

Gillian, certified advanced aesthetician, performing growth factor anteage mirconeedling, at Melted Aesthetics located in Eugene, OR. Full service spa, advanced facial treatments, non invasive, relaxing facials
“There are not enough nice things I could say about Gillian! A year’s worth of testimony about her professionalism, level of care, and expertise doesn’t do her work justice. She is AMAZING — for the complex skin issues I have (primarily scarring) I have trusted Gillian with my aesthetic journey. She has completely restored my self confidence."


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